Saturday, October 31, 2009

IAI London-Reminding Participants of Meeting

Hi all,

Just wanted to remind you there's a meeting with Prof. Dr. Ismail, Prof. DC, etc on Monday, 2 Nov 2009 at Hall 1. Please be punctual, thank you.

Sin Mei


  1. sebenar nye...
    where is DEWAN 1
    all i know is DEWAN KULIAH
    or DEWAN JAMUAN...
    but dewan 1 is...
    dewan kuliah 1 is it?

  2. Its at Dewan Jamuan 1, DTII. The VIP room there, usually 'orang besar' will have their meal there after some apecial occasions.

  3. wish a best luck to all of us 4 d meeting 2morow..i mean 2day.i hope we do well n give good impression on first sight.