Sunday, October 11, 2009

Final Results: Who are the 6 selected students?

Finally we have the results in our hand, CONGRATULATIONS to these students!
I hereby announce the university's decision that those 6 outstanding students who has been successfully selected to join the Industrial Programme in London are:

1. Roselinda Aida bt Mohd Mokhtar
No. IC: 870421-23-5094
No. Matric: AF 060147
Course: 4 BFF

2. Raphael Choong Yeein Chern
No. IC: 860425-02-5159
No. Matric: AF 060165
Course: 4 BFF

3. Mohd Farid Firdaus bin Hasnari
No. IC: 871106-14-6299
No. Matric: AF 060106
Course: 4 BFF

4. Aimi Halimah binti Subirdan
No. IC: 860922-43-5386
No. Matric: CF 070161
Course: 4 BFF

5. Florence Setia Anah Panchin
No. IC: 851016-13-5934
No. Matric: CF 070240
Course: 4 BFF

6. Nur Alkaf binti Abd. Karim
No. IC: 871009-06-5470
No. Matric: AF 060100
Course: 4 BFF

Please be informed that there will be a meeting held at the RECESS meeting room at 5pm today. Please be punctual.

p.s.: For these 6 students, please confirm with us your name whether there's any mistake because the flight agent of the university which is going to book the flight ticket soon must not have any error, it must be exactly like its printed in your passport.
For further information, we'll discuss in the meeting later.

Thank You and once gain, Congratulations!


  1. hi!
    ami here
    im the fourth on the list
    but u got my name wrong
    and not aimi .
    hope u can correct it later.
    thanx so much!!

  2. hey..oppsss okay will correct it soon! your welcome:) happy working together!