Wednesday, December 30, 2009

We are BACK!

So sorry to keep everyone waiting, for the new post I supposed? My landlord does not provide me internet access when i was in London so that is why I could not update any post right here.

As everybody know, we, the 10 students has back from London, and Wales in UK on the 15th December'09. It is a wonderful trip and we have gained ton of knowledge.

A presentation of few students, (not sure if all) will held probably in this month, as long as we done the report and we might produce a magazine if possible. I hope you are still catching up with us and read this blog from time to time.

My first impression for London, the structure!beautiful building and I love the cold weather, very much. You definitely do not need to worry for not having a vehicle cause the transportations there are awesome! The trains, named Tube *cause it was built and shaped like a tube* are so convenient, you needa just have a Oyster Card. Oyster is an electronic smartcard ticket. Simply touch your card on the yellow reader to get through the Tube gates or board other London public transport services. It doesn't even need to be removed from your purse or wallet to work. You can go wherever places you wish to, of course you must have enough credits in it. One smart rules they implement is, you must make sure you enter the correct station, else if you touch the card already, and found out it is not the right station you want, then you touch it to come out again, you are going to charge 4 pounds! *I did it twice!and it deducted me 8 pounds which is equivalent to approximately RM48!* -Always be alert-

Well, seriously I considered my walking speed is fast already, *walking slow is sort of wasting time for me tho* but guess what? they are even faster and wayyy faster than mine! impressed..

Urm, where did you stand when you step on the stair of escalator? -Keep Right- They are very particular about this tho', please stand on the right side, else you will get "scolded" cause the left one is for those who is rushing, running up or down the stair. They are pretty fast!

I remembered the first day when Professor DC drove me and Zu to our accommodation, on our way, he asked me "what are the different you can see in London and Malaysia?" I paused and think for a second while looking out from the window... I answered "the buidling all built using brick with no finishing..." well, it is the drain, you will never see a drain, only river.

Throughout the entire programme, the most things I learnt and knowledge gained is while I was in Machynlleth, Wales experience the sustainable living over there. We Stayed in an Eco-Cabin at the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT). It is established in 1975, is a 40 acre site that has working displays of environmentally sound practices, with low energy ecological buildings, the use of wind, water and solar power, organic gardening and alternative sewage systems. I will write about this in details in my report, and once I done i might probably post it in the net, asap and then you can check it out later. Meals are provided to all of us in the impressive `Taste of Wales’ accredited and licensed wholefood restaurant . Some of the produce used is from CAT’s own organic gardens or sourced locally. The food is vegetarian and of course very delicious!

A part from all this, the lectured in UEL amazed me alot, professors and lecturers presents to us alot of civil engineering topic, for example: "Managing Health & Safety in Construction", "Sustainability Research", "G.I.S", "Surverying History in UEL", as well as an English Class for the fourth year, master and phd students (students in UEL joined us in the lectured). Dr. Zawawi has also given a presentation about our university, which it impressed alot of UEL students as well as the lecturers. Besides, Professor DC has been a really kind and helpful person to all of us. He guided us, show us every part in UEL and London, shared with us the knowledge and the most wonderful moment is DC and his wife prepared us a very GRAND dinner! *Salmon is cool!" Dato' Ismail too sent us emails and texts to catch up with us and make sure we do the best and behave the best. Do not need to mention about the students, us...we were all very cooperative and gave our best in this programme.

Thank you very much to all of you!

P.s.: Well if I were to continue writing here then this will be a very long post, so I would like to stop now and hope you guys can managed to grab a magazine of IAI London - UTHM once it is ''in the market already'' ;)

UTHM rocks!

Sin Mei

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Report and Presentation Preparation

There will be a meeting on THURSDAY, 9pm at Library Treasury Office (Pejabat Bendahari). Attendance is compulsory. TQ


Monday, December 14, 2009

Photos In London..

Just a quick post of some photos here, will upload more later on.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Good Luck to everyone!

Dear all,

Just wanted to wish all of the 10 participants as well as our staff leaders, Dr. Zawawi and Mr. Fauzi who are coming along with us a good luck and all the very best for this programme.

Here is a lil update before we depart...

We will be leaving on the 30 Nov 2009, which is this Monday morning at 10.45 from KLIA, and arriving at 4.15 pm the same day at Heathrow International Airport terminal 4.

Will then meet up with Dr. Adnan, our university staff who is doing his PHD in UEL and he will guide us by using tube to our accommodation.

On Tuesday noon, all the 10 participants will give a brief introduction, which is a ppt presentation on each individual's particular details in the lecture hall of University of East London (UEL) and follow by a welcoming speech given by Dr. Zawawi as well as a video presentation later on.

More details information will i update here when we were in London.

Good Luck once again and hope this programme will bring up the name of our university in UK, especially in London's institutions as well as the reputation of our country, Malaysia.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Sin Mei

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

European Adapter

hey guys, this is the most basic adapter that used in Europe country. can also get it in Mahkota Parade :)

Monday, November 23, 2009


Hi to all again,

Please send me your personal photo to make the list of the programme.

thank you.


Name Card

Hi all,
please edit it with the correct post and name of yours in the mail i sent by today.
Send back to me, Flo and Amie once you done.

Thank you!

Friday, November 20, 2009

A Meeting with Vice Chancellor, Dean of FKAAS, Dato Ismail and Senators

The 10 students who has been selected to join this programme were very glad to meet the vice chancellor today after a speech given by the dean of Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UTHM.

Monday, November 16, 2009





***Notice the peace sign?on the M?

OR......WAHHAA....:D:D cheers!

What do you think bout the design?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Direction to Thames Barrier

The Environment Agency, Thames Barrier
Thames Barrier, Eastmoor Street, Charlton, London SE7 8LX
Tel: 020 88534081 Fax: 01454 624 409

By Foot or Bike:

The office is accessible from the Thames
path by bike or by foot. From Charlton Station walk to the left
onto the A206. MAKRO is ahead on the left. Right along the
A206, Eastmoor St is third left after PCWorld. Walk through
the Thames Barrier Industrial Estate, the Thames Barrier is in
front. Cycle paths down the A206 are in both directions.

By Rail: The nearest stations are either Charlton or
Woolwich Dockyard.
By Bus/Coach: The 180 from Lewisham and Greenwich
going to Woolwich. The 177 from Peckham and
Thamesmead. The 161 between North Greenwich
and Chislehurst. The 472 between North Greenwich and
Thamesmead. All stop at the top of Eastmoor
Street on the A206.

By Road: The A206 passes the top of Eastmoor Street. There
is a sign indicating the turn down towards the barrier. No right
turn into Eastmoor Street, turn via roundabout and come
down the A206 towards Charlton, left at the signposted
junction. The A206 is accessable from the A2 by changing on
to the A102M Blackwall Tunnel Approach Road, then coming
off at signposted junction onto the A206. Car parking
available in the visitors centre.

City Airport: From airport, walk to Fernhill Street, take the
473 bus towards North Woolwich Ferry or the 474 Manor
Park. Take Woolwich ferry to the south side. Then a short
walk, take either the 161, 177, 180 or 472 bus and get off
at the top of Eastmoor Street, A206.


To all the participants, can u IMMEDIATELY send me your email address when you read this so that i can forward Prof DC's email to all of you where you need to confirm with him the info and planning he provided in the mail please.

Thank you very much,

p.s.: (only recieve imp email tq)

Monday, November 2, 2009

IAI London-Meeting with Dato' Ismail, Prof. DC,Dr. Zawawi and Mr. Fauzi

We had a great time meeting with all the participants, Dato' Ismail, Prof. DC, Dr. Zawawi and Mr. Fauzi in Dewan Jamuan 1, DTII, UTHM. Thanks to Prof DC with all the information he brought over for us and also Dato's experience that shared with us:D We're looking forward for the next meeting tho'...and also wish for the best that Dato' Ismail can come with us!

From left: Alvin, Zu, me, Aussiff, Prof. DC, Dato' Ismail, Farid, Alkaf and Alin.

From left:Mr. Fauzi, Dr. Zawawi, Dato' Ismail, Prof. DC, Alvin, Farid, Alkaf, Zu, Alin, Florence, Ami, Raphael and Aussiff.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Saturday, October 31, 2009

IAI London-Reminding Participants of Meeting

Hi all,

Just wanted to remind you there's a meeting with Prof. Dr. Ismail, Prof. DC, etc on Monday, 2 Nov 2009 at Hall 1. Please be punctual, thank you.

Sin Mei

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

IAI London-Extra Info

Tips on wearing Winter Clothes:

These are the wearing for the temperature below 5 degree celsius:

Layer ONE
Long John-cashmere-wool/cashmere-cotton/100% wool/wollmix

Layer TWO

Down Jacket/Leather Parka/
Suede Leather Parka or
Cashmere/Woollen Coat

Thinsulated Gloves
Ear Muffs
Leg Warmer
Chemical Warmer

Body and Face Moisturiser
Lip Balm

*Travelling Medical Kit

Official Meeting with Professor Vijeyesekera from London

I expect that all of you has already recieved the official letter from the faculty stated that we'll have an official meeting with Professor DC who's coming to our university on 2nd Nov, Monday 2.30pm in Hall 1 (Dewan 1). Please make sure that you attend it and its a compulsory meeting after all.

Also, each participant is required to prepare a list of questions ready to ask so that you can be well prepared.

Any further inquiries, please do ask me or Aussiff.

SM Lim

Amendment for latest tentative

To all the participants,

There are some amendment for the latest tentative, so please take notes:

On 09/12/09 (Wednesday):
Cambridge Visit.
On 10/12/09 (Thursday):
Visit to few of London's University.
On 11/12/09 to 12/12/09 (Friday to Saturday):
visit Center of Alternative Technology Wales

Sin Mei

Sunday, October 25, 2009

IAI London Latest Tentative

These are the latest tentative activity planned for each of the day in London, recieved from Prof Ismail. Click to enlarge.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Official letter from faculty

To all the participants,
I guess most of you has recieved the official letter from faculty already?below is the letter from faculty to the students who were selected to join this programme. if you haven get it, please take from Aussiff.

thank you,
S. M. Lim

Monday, October 19, 2009

IAI London - Attention to all

1. All participants need to pay full amount of 2k within this 2 weeks.
Bank in to bank muamalata/k number: 11010020594721 zuraida bt hamjah

2. Make sure all of you get your passport done within this week.

3. An official meeting with Vice Chancellor and Dean will be held next week. Date and time will announce once we confirm.

4. A CV is compulsory to summit to me, Aussiff or directly give to Alin and Raphael latest by this Friday.

Sin Mei

r.k.- Aussiff

Monday, October 12, 2009

IAI London - First Meeting with Dato' Ismail and 6 selected students

From left:Alkaf(Logistics Section), Alin(Sponsorship), Zu( Treasurer), Sin Mei(Vice Director), Aussiff(Director), Alvin(Secretary), Farid(Logistics Section), Florence (Promotion Section), and Ami (Promotion Section).

The first meeting has successfully hold in RECESS's meeting room today together with the 4 committee members as well as all the 5 selected students except for Raphael who has baskeball match during that hour. Dato' Ismail, our main advisor of this programme gave a short briefing of the entire progress of the programme and the rest was passed to the director. I'm glad that the 6 outstanding students that was selected promised to give full commitment in the program, they attended the meeting exactly at 5pm sharp! well done guys....well we've got more to commit later on.
Meeting end at 6.30pm, remember that our next meeting will held on thursday ( 22/10/09 ) in the morning at 10 am. Will confirm the venue later on.
Thank you.

Vice Director,

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Final Results: Who are the 6 selected students?

Finally we have the results in our hand, CONGRATULATIONS to these students!
I hereby announce the university's decision that those 6 outstanding students who has been successfully selected to join the Industrial Programme in London are:

1. Roselinda Aida bt Mohd Mokhtar
No. IC: 870421-23-5094
No. Matric: AF 060147
Course: 4 BFF

2. Raphael Choong Yeein Chern
No. IC: 860425-02-5159
No. Matric: AF 060165
Course: 4 BFF

3. Mohd Farid Firdaus bin Hasnari
No. IC: 871106-14-6299
No. Matric: AF 060106
Course: 4 BFF

4. Aimi Halimah binti Subirdan
No. IC: 860922-43-5386
No. Matric: CF 070161
Course: 4 BFF

5. Florence Setia Anah Panchin
No. IC: 851016-13-5934
No. Matric: CF 070240
Course: 4 BFF

6. Nur Alkaf binti Abd. Karim
No. IC: 871009-06-5470
No. Matric: AF 060100
Course: 4 BFF

Please be informed that there will be a meeting held at the RECESS meeting room at 5pm today. Please be punctual.

p.s.: For these 6 students, please confirm with us your name whether there's any mistake because the flight agent of the university which is going to book the flight ticket soon must not have any error, it must be exactly like its printed in your passport.
For further information, we'll discuss in the meeting later.

Thank You and once gain, Congratulations!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Anxious?or frustrating?or exciting?or...

Whichever position you are in now, please calm down. I can see there were students who heard the rumours here and there and starts to complain, well, how could you give up so easily without even looking at the results? the list haven announce yet, so please do not complain. And if you REALLY performed well, of course you will get it. Remember, there are so much competitors and they are wayyyyy better than you. So, students who got it in are those excellent and really deserve for it.

p.s.: the person 'guest' in the shout out box, if you are the guest, then you souldnt asked such question, else please mention your name. thank you.

Monday, October 5, 2009

still not the time yet...

Students please be patient once again for the final decision that would probably be announced at the end of this week.

Friday, October 2, 2009

IAI London Part II-Interview Session

The interview session went well this afternoon from 3.30pm to 6pm. There were 17 students who attended the interview out of 30 plus students who took the form.

Results will be out latest by Tuesday, hopefully. It will be done asap.

For the info of these 6 students who will be selected later on, there will be a weekly meeting with the advisors for all the 6 plus 4 comittee members who join this programme.

p.s.: hint: for those who speaked confidently and brave and a good communicator during the interview, if u think you are...then there's a big possibility for you to be among the 6!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Industrial Attachment In London

This is a GREAT oppurtunity to go to London for 6 of the selected outstanding students of Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering (FKAAS), University of Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM).

*Please refer to the Ad below:


The committee members are:

Director: Aussiff 017 7323920
Vice Director: Sin Mei 019 7289100
Secretary: Alvin John 012 7008620
Treasurer: Zuraida 016 808564

Please feel free to contact us for further inquiries *regarding programme tentative