Wednesday, May 19, 2010

First meeting of IAI UK 2010

Those photos are taken on the first meeting held in RECESS meeting room on 30 April 2010.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Public Blog

If your still referring to this blog, please follow the latest blog at :,
we've created a newly blog for all which seems to be more open to the participants in posting new blog. So feel free to update yourself with the latest info of IAI London Program.

Thank you.

Sin Mei


I was informed by Prof Dato' Dr Ismail B Hj Bakar to advertise a recruitment of the next Industrial Attachment In London 2010 high council:

The selection will be through an interview. So, be prepare guys, a meeting will be held after CNY holiday to run this final project.

happy holiday and wish you gong xi fat choi


Sunday, January 31, 2010

IAIL Final Report

Industrial Attachment In London committee members proudly gave the final report to Dean of Civil & Environmental Engineering Faculty, Prof. Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Dato' Abdul Samad. Representative by Lim Sin Mei (Vice Director of IAIL Programme)

Attached by: Nur Alkaf

Friday, January 29, 2010

An interview by Professor from University of Sheffield, UK.

We were asked to attend an interview by Professor Ian Burgess from University of Sheffield, UK this morning. Its a pleasure for all of us to meet him and share some thoughts and ideas.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


thank you to florence, alkaf, farid, zue, alin and alvin for your remarkable slideshow, and thank you sinmei, ami and raphael for your amazing showmanship in the FKAAS staffs presentation today.
even i felt little disappointed because of the time constraint during presentation and caused us to skip some of our precious slides, but in the end i was so happy because we impressed our audiences especially dean-even our presentation quit longer than it should be, our slides were simple(75 slides, holy crap =D) and fun. also to those presentators, u guys did well for not carried away from the main point and just hit to the bull-eye.

end of today's presentation, means we will facing another remarkable presentation in front of our vice chancellor(dunno the date) and in front of whole FKAAS students in this 9th February. we might be as well reduce our slide shows(hard to reduce lor, too many interesting things to share =D). by meantime i hope for those slidemakers can edit the slideshows and reduce it to fit in 10minutes presentation.ty


Thank You

First of all...i would like to say: THANK YOU VERY MCUH" to all my team members for the excellent works and cooperation for today's presentation. It went well and smoothly. Thanks to Dato' Ismail for your support and giving me the confidence lol....though am a 4th years student but well...presentation is still always raise up my adrenaline. not forget to thank all the FKAAS staff for willing to spare part of your time in listening to our presentation...hmm, not sure if it was a good one, bad one...okok one...haha as long as we all have tried our bery bery best!:D