Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Anxious?or frustrating?or exciting?or...

Whichever position you are in now, please calm down. I can see there were students who heard the rumours here and there and starts to complain, well, how could you give up so easily without even looking at the results? the list haven announce yet, so please do not complain. And if you REALLY performed well, of course you will get it. Remember, there are so much competitors and they are wayyyyy better than you. So, students who got it in are those excellent and really deserve for it.

p.s.: the person 'guest' in the shout out box, if you are the guest, then you souldnt asked such question, else please mention your name. thank you.

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  1. Well, its hard for the panels to choose 6 people among 17 applicants. many factors were considered during the selection. communication skills, confident, attitude, and capability of teamwork. I am the director of the program, when the panels asked me, what characteristic of team members u need. I answered, most important thing is, matured,have usable ability, respect others-regardless of ages, and capable of work in a team. I'm not fully involved in the finalizing the selection. Because the selection totally made by panels themselves and proposed to our Vice Chancellor. If the result is published, surely some of u will irritated because of not being chosen. Please be remind that there is reservation list. In case we succeed to gain more funds from some companies, the number of students that can join will be extended. By meantime, if you are not selected, please behave yourself and please be matured. We have been working so hard to make the proposal being approved by Vice Chancellor. Who knows, you may be in reservation list, fail to behave yourself might force us to make another selection. Cheers =D