Friday, November 20, 2009

A Meeting with Vice Chancellor, Dean of FKAAS, Dato Ismail and Senators

The 10 students who has been selected to join this programme were very glad to meet the vice chancellor today after a speech given by the dean of Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UTHM.


  1. is it?
    which part dat terrifies u da most eh?
    hu~ expectation frm the U is getting even bigger...heavier...hope we'll perform well, and behave well too...despite of the temperature....uh huh~

  2. y terrified??i still rmember how hungry the person was at that time?haha..not mentioned about amie yet..hehe..anewe, gud luck to all of us.

  3. To all team members Ausiff, Sin Men, Alvin, Raphael, ALin, Kak Ami, Farid, Zuraida and Kak Florence n myself (hehe)..all d best and really hope all of us can make it and doin well. Hope we can walk through this journey with success and gladness.

    To Prof.Datuk Ismail, tq 4 d encourage & morale support.. ;D


  4. when he was asked by dato to give spontaneous speech.. haha.. however good job bro....

  5. looking back to all the pic...
    i think i need to learn to smile more...

  6. thanks Alkaf, all the best to u and all of us too:)
    kata-kata:spontaneous speech?aussiff gave spontaneous speech lolx
    Aussiff:do not terrify yourself here, you've more speech to give in London later on...and ppl would all staring at you and pay fully attention to your words...your gonna make it dun worry:) our HEAD wor...!haha
    Ami: your sweet gal, no worries! nature is beauty!cheers:D