Monday, October 12, 2009

IAI London - First Meeting with Dato' Ismail and 6 selected students

From left:Alkaf(Logistics Section), Alin(Sponsorship), Zu( Treasurer), Sin Mei(Vice Director), Aussiff(Director), Alvin(Secretary), Farid(Logistics Section), Florence (Promotion Section), and Ami (Promotion Section).

The first meeting has successfully hold in RECESS's meeting room today together with the 4 committee members as well as all the 5 selected students except for Raphael who has baskeball match during that hour. Dato' Ismail, our main advisor of this programme gave a short briefing of the entire progress of the programme and the rest was passed to the director. I'm glad that the 6 outstanding students that was selected promised to give full commitment in the program, they attended the meeting exactly at 5pm sharp! well done guys....well we've got more to commit later on.
Meeting end at 6.30pm, remember that our next meeting will held on thursday ( 22/10/09 ) in the morning at 10 am. Will confirm the venue later on.
Thank you.

Vice Director,


  1. thanx sinmei 4 da info
    then again , the meeting will be at 10am or 1pm
    i kind of confuse now

  2. ermm...the last said was at 10am right?you have a class to attend right if im not mistaken?okay we'll make it at 1pm then after confirm with Aussiff tomorrow.

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  4. yep...its 1 pm at tsn face too dark (T.T)

  5. okay, so 1pm. deal!
    Aussiff:not ur face dark, its the camera's prob, dint turn on the flash....somemore ur so far will snap one in our nex meeting.

  6. hi guys
    try to check diz page

  7. ami....can u plz kol me back when ure free..i 4got 2 save ur number . wantd 2 discuz wit u bout our task.

  8. hey gurls, i'll link your blog in my page ok!:D