Monday, November 2, 2009

IAI London-Meeting with Dato' Ismail, Prof. DC,Dr. Zawawi and Mr. Fauzi

We had a great time meeting with all the participants, Dato' Ismail, Prof. DC, Dr. Zawawi and Mr. Fauzi in Dewan Jamuan 1, DTII, UTHM. Thanks to Prof DC with all the information he brought over for us and also Dato's experience that shared with us:D We're looking forward for the next meeting tho'...and also wish for the best that Dato' Ismail can come with us!

From left: Alvin, Zu, me, Aussiff, Prof. DC, Dato' Ismail, Farid, Alkaf and Alin.

From left:Mr. Fauzi, Dr. Zawawi, Dato' Ismail, Prof. DC, Alvin, Farid, Alkaf, Zu, Alin, Florence, Ami, Raphael and Aussiff.


  1. me 2...
    im kinda sad right now..really sal lol...

  2. not in the pix?nah...i should be the one who complaining tho!wahaa...cheers la ppl at least ur backside is chaptured!haha

  3. hahhahaaa...ok...i thought another personality before i met Prof DC, but as u know guys i found him as a great guy indeed.., im prety scared 2meet him at first but he treated us so nice.

  4. there goes florence saying blabla..
    u know wat
    i think its better 4 us to control da nerveous in ourself
    yap evry1 is scared i know
    but u know..juz keep it inside
    and act as nothing would happen
    then everything would be fine
    juz fine

    p/s: no one know dat u spilled the coke

  5. Hey gals why is that so scared to meet prof DC?i find him pretty good the first time i met him in our lecture hall where he gave us a brief intro bout foundation engineering.wondered you ppl joined that lectured?remembered i ans wrongly a ques he asked and the class laugh, but he is find with it tho' and made me not that embarrassing!haha...thoughtful and kind, another very good person like our Prof Ismail!:D:D

  6. we havent joined that lectured.:> sin mei, cn i get every1 phone number because i wanted to know all ur commercial name to b print on d tshirt.:) or mayb u can just ask them to text me on d matter. by the way, about the vaksin, i oready ask d pku n they said we have to go to 'pusat kesihatan' outside by our own. no reference letter needed. perhaps we need to bring along "surat pengesahan pelajar" from HEP just in case if they wanted to see it as a proved dat were student. my suggestion is we pick one day and go 2gether so it will be more easier